MBXP acquires Convenient Card from Nordic convenience giant Reitan Group


MBXP acquires Convenient Card AB from Reitan Group and fortifies position as Nordic market leader.

Convenient Card AB (CCAB) has pioneered prepaid products in the Reitan Group (namely Pressbyrån, Narvesen, and 7-eleven) all over the Nordics. After basing its entire operation on MBXPs electronic business platform (PayTjek), both parties saw even bigger opportunities, and today that relationship got further cemented when MBXP acquired CCAB from Reitan Group. 

“I'm really excited to see what the future holds - electronic services are growing fast, and PayTjek gives Reitan Group a definite edge in this regard. I foresee products like mobile top-ups, transportation, and other electronic services moving to the PayTjek platform in the future.”

- Christian Sørensen, CEO and founder of MBXP

Included in the deal is a soon-to-be-announced venture in Spain and several strategic partnerships. CCAB continues under CEO Nelson Waldens leadership.

For more information, please contact MBXP at info@mbxp.dk 

Christian Sørensen