MBXP Group posts record result after massive growth


Several years of heavy investments in the Nordic region leads MBXP to profits of DKK13.7M before tax. The strong result - MBXPs best ever - comes after a year of massive growth in all four Nordic countries. A very healthy topline and a fairly lean organisation combines for a very satisfying end of fiscal year 2016/17.

“2016/17 will be remembered as the year where our Nordic platform really kicked into gear. We have been setting up for this for years, and to see it all come together like this, is nothing short of amazing. We are all extremely proud! Next year will be about consolidating and keeping up the good work, and with an excellent Christmas behind us, and some very promising international launches ahead, we are off to a great start.”

- Christian Sørensen, CEO and founder of MBXP.

Christian Sørensen