MBXP acquires PayGoo - the market leading MasterCard programme in the Nordics


MBXP Acquires PayGoo - the market leading MasterCard programme in the Nordics.

After Decembers extremely successful acquisition of swedish company Convenient Card AB, MBXP today announced the 2nd major acquisition in just 4 months! Based on MBXPs industry leading PayTjek business platform, PayGoo is a natural addition to the MBXP family and underscores MBXPs leadership in a major area of prepaid products in the Nordic region. 

Paygoo was founded by experienced industry professionals with a keen sense of the fintech market. After having made a significant impact on the Swedish and Norwegian markets, Paygoo is now ready to achieve its full Nordic potential with MBXP. 

"Paygoo complements MBXP so well - it's really the perfect match. Built originally on MBXP technology and with a strong fintech angle, it feels like Paygoo has come home. When we combine the power of MasterCard with MBXPs network, I don't think there are limits to what we can achieve"

- Christian Sørensen, CEO and founder of MBXP.

For more information, please contact MBXP at info@mbxp.dk or visit www.Paygoo.se

Christian Sørensen