Processor and Program Manager for the most ambitious retailers in Northern Europe



World class products

For every product offered, two things were considered: Hard figures and market experience. The PayTjek system handles logging and statistics on all products and developing trends are  easily spotted. Combine this with a hands-on approach and years of experience: that's what we call World Class Products! 

100% PayTjek integration

PayTjek is the best and most flexible system available for handling giftcard and prepaid activations. PayTjek eliminates three central issues: 

  • Inventory
  • Shrinkage
  • Double handling

On top of that, PayTjek includes a highly customizable accounting-module that sets a new standard for how settlements are handled. 

International high street brands

We know you'll want the well-known bestsellers to form the basis of a strong gift card offering, and luckily we can provide you with all the high street brands you need.

iTunes, Spotify, Ticketmaster, PaySafeCard, SpendOn and H&M are all obvious candidates, and have proven themselves as  

Unique local content

To give you a more interesting and diversified offering, we have an extensive range of gift cards and vouchers custom-built to local content. Everything from fine dining and wellness to hotel stays and movie tickets. We even offer instore gift card solutions for your own products.

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The PayTjek flow

The gift card is scanned at the POS, and the unique code (EAN128 or otherwise) is passed on to PayTjek. From there on we handle all code translations, calculations, activation handshakes, forward and return messages and what else might be needed to activate the particular kind of voucher. 

A EAN13 code is returned to the POS, the sale is committed and the store receives payment.

All of this happens within a fraction of a second, of course.

PayTjek settles with the supplier and delivers the exact numbers to retail accounting in the specific format your accounting system requires on a weekly basis. The custom-tailored settlement-module is a big part of what makes PayTjek so unique.