The PayTjek system

PayTjek is the premier system available for handling giftcard and prepaid activations in a retail environment. The PayTjek system connects the Retailer and the Supplier, and creates a common ground where data can be validated, exchanged or transformed. PayTjek is also the obvious choice for scan-based trading (SBT), only with advanced add ons.

The Retailer

PayTjek address three central issues:

  • Inventory
  • Shrinkage
  • double handling (PayTjek is a one-scan solution)

Giftcards and boxes from MBXP has no value until scanned and sold. This makes the inventory valuation a non-problem and shrinkage is irrelevant - in other words the product can be freely placed where it is best seen and sold. 

You only need one (!) scan: Because of our deep integration, we sell, register, activate, process data, print receipt and return control to the POS in one workflow. There is no extra work for the cashier to do in a separate system - no extra activation or extra scans to do. 

The Supplier

PayTjek is the best way for the Supplier to interface with the retailers POS system. Top three reasons include:

  • Simple and flexible setup (we do the heavy lifting)
  • Easy billing
  • PayTjek allows for business models otherwise not possible


Sounds interesting?

We would love to demonstrate the capabilities of PayTjek and maybe discuss creative implementations in your existing setup.

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